You Don’t Have to Suffer From Adult Acne. We Have Solutions!

When you think of an acne sufferer, you just might imagine a teenager in the middle of puberty. But teenagers aren’t the only demographic that experiences acne flare-ups. If you’re continuing to struggle with breakouts well into adulthood, you’re not alone.

It’s common for adults in their 20s, in middle age, and even older to continue to get acne breakouts. At Dadeland Dermatology Group, Dr. David Rodriguez has over 35 years of experience treating adults like you who are still dealing with acne.

Fortunately, a number of treatments exist that allow you to say goodbye to those pesky flare-ups for good.

Causes of adult acne

Adult acne has a variety of causes. Genetics, diet, and lifestyle, or a combination of all these factors, can contribute to your breakouts.

Some adults experience acne due to hormonal factors, such as your body producing a higher number of androgen hormones or excess oil on the face. Women sometimes experience breakouts related to hormonal fluctuations during their menstrual cycles or pregnancy.

Your diet might contribute to adult acne. Studies have linked the consumption of skim milk, simple carbohydrates, and chocolate to acne.

Other lifestyle factors could also cause breakouts. Experiencing periods of high stress increases your risk of a breakout. You’re also more likely to get acne if you subject your skin to pressure or friction, wearing a helmet or tight collar, for example.

Consequences of adult acne

If you’re an adult who’s still experiencing acne, you already know breakouts can cause emotional distress. In addition, adult acne comes with the risk of permanent scarring.

Dr. Rodriguez offers treatments and prevention methods that dramatically reduce your risk of permanent scars. If you already have scars from past acne, treatment can help make them less noticeable.

Adult acne also sometimes indicates an underlying medical issue, especially ones related to hormonal imbalance. If Dr. Rodriguez discovers any additional medical needs, he ensures they’re treated alongside your acne.

Dermatological solutions for adult acne

Some adults with minor acne can treat it with lifestyle changes and over-the-counter medications. However, if your acne is persistent, causes pain or discomfort, or makes you feel self-conscious, a dermatologist can help.

Dr. Rodriguez offers a number of modern treatments for adult acne. Your personalized treatment depends on the type of acne you have, whether you have any underlying medical conditions or scarring, and your own preferences and needs.

In some cases, Dr. Rodriguez prescribes topical ointments and washes that are stronger than what you can purchase at the drugstore. Other times, your treatment involves taking oral medications, such as antibiotics or anti-androgen agents.

For others, Dr. Rodriguez performs cutting-edge radiofrequency and laser treatment sessions at his office. These treatment methods are particularly helpful if you have scarring or other skin irregularities as a result of past acne.

If you’re getting adult acne that’s impossible to control on your own, stop suffering in silence and get help. Dr. Rodriguez helps his Miami-area patients say goodbye to adult acne for good at Dadeland Dermatology Group in Kendall, Florida.

We offer two convenient ways to schedule an initial appointment with Dr. Rodriguez. Please request an appointment using our online scheduling tool at any time, or call our office during business hours.

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