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Because of the groundbreaking technology behind Cynosure® TempSure™, you can restore your youthful skin and bid farewell to all those age-related imperfections. Top-rated dermatologist David Rodriguez, MD of Dadeland Dermatology Group in Kendall, Florida, puts together TempSure treatment packages based on your skin concerns. Find out how you can benefit from TempSure by booking a consultation online or by calling to schedule.

TempSure Q & A

What does TempSure treat?

The advanced TempSure Envi platform is designed with multiple handpieces and applicators that are used for various types of skin issues. TempSure Envi uses noninvasive radiofrequency energy to treat and reduce the appearance of:

  • Cellulite
  • Dark spots
  • Age spots
  • Sun damage
  • Lines and wrinkles

As an alternative, the TempSure Vitalia system uses the same type of radiofrequency energy to restore skin in your feminine area for a superior vaginal revitalization experience. TempSure Vitalia treatments can tighten loose labial skin, resolve loose vaginal issues, and even treat minor cases of urinary incontinence — all without surgery.

How does TempSure work?

Both TempSure Envi and TempSure Vitalia send out gentle waves of radiofrequency energy through their unique treatment-specific applicators. This radiofrequency energy heats up your skin tissues to therapeutic levels, which stimulates cell function and healing. Skin cells quickly regenerate and form new elastin and collagen fibers deep below the surface of your skin.

For optimal results, it takes several treatments over several weeks — you do notice some tightening immediately. Eventually though, as new connective tissue fibers continue to form, they stack neatly on top of one another. You’re left with an entirely new layer of skin that’s firmer, tighter, and denser than ever before.

Does TempSure hurt?

Not at all. TempSure Envi and Vitalia were designed with patient comfort in mind. It’s normal to feel some mild warming or gentle vibrations, but at no time during a TempSure treatment at Dadeland Dermatology Group should you be in pain.

Is there any downtime after a TempSure treatment?

TempSure Envi and Vitalia are gentle. You should have little-to-no downtime after your TempSure session at Dadeland Dermatology Group. Dr. Rodriguez sometimes notices some slight redness, which is just a temporary side effect of increased blood flow and increased tissue temperature.

If you experience these minor issues, they tend to subside on their own within a few hours. You can safely return to your normal activities immediately after your TempSure treatment.

The only exception is with TempSure Vitalia vaginal revitalization, since you might be a little sore afterward. You may need to refrain from intercourse or from wearing tampons for a few days, or as recommended.

Learn more about the revolutionary TempSure system by booking a consultation at Dadeland Dermatology Group today. Schedule online or over the phone.

Individual results may vary.