How Botox® Can Make You Look Younger

Your teenage years might have come with sneaking out and being embarrassed by your parents. You probably were concerned with your appearance, but never once worried about wrinkles.

As you reached your 20s, you probably still reaped the benefits of smooth, line-free skin. Perhaps you adopted a skin-care method, but wrinkles still seemed far away.

When you entered your 30s, perhaps it was another story. While age brings many benefits like wisdom and experience, it also brings many changes — like wrinkles. Although there is no magic wand that can whisk away those pesky lines, there is the next best thing. 

Botox® is an FDA-approved procedure that erases some signs of aging. And it’s used by a lot of people — it’s the most popular minimally invasive cosmetic procedure, with more than 7.4 million procedures performed in 2018.

Dadeland Dermatology, located in Kendall, Florida, is here to explain why you might consider Botox to turn back the clock.

Smooths away wrinkles

Your facial expressions are what make you human. But after years of repeated smiling and frowning, it’s only normal for wrinkles to form. While some people aren’t bothered by wrinkles, many people wish to treat them for cosmetic reasons.

Botox is a toxin that’s derived from the bacteria Clostridium botulinum. While it was first used to treat an eye condition called strabismus, in 2002, the FDA approved it for use to improve glabellar lines — the vertical lines between the eyebrows — in adults. 

Now Botox can be safely used to erase wrinkles such as:

When you come in for your appointment, David Rodriguez, MD uses a series of injections to safely administer Botox into wrinkle-causing muscles. The injections work by intercepting the chemical signals that tell your facial muscles to contract. By preventing the muscle from contracting, you’re left with beautiful, smooth skin.

Minimizes the appearance of pores

Larger pores are a beauty concern that many aging people face. Nearly half of women wish they could change the size of their pores.

While most injections of Botox are done intramuscularly, Botox can also be administered intradermally to help minimize pore size. In a clinically controlled study, Botox injections greatly reduced oil production and pore size in individuals. 

This is the reason why many patients report shiny, flawless skin after a Botox procedure. One of the best things about Botox is the long-lasting results. Most patients experience results for 3-4 months, with many seeing results for even longer.

Prevents new wrinkles from forming

We’ve already explained how Botox diminishes existing wrinkles. But did you know Botox can also be used to prevent new wrinkles?

Preventative Botox works by targeting dynamic lines — wrinkles that only occur when you’re contracting muscles. Whether you have faint, fine lines or smooth skin, Dr. Rodriguez can inject Botox into the muscle to stop wrinkles in their tracks. 

Preventative Botox stops the movements of certain muscles and trains your face to avoid using them. But don’t worry, you’ll still be able to express a wide range of emotions without anyone noticing you had work done. Botox offers a natural, but younger-looking, you.

The bottom line

Wrinkles and large pores are two of the changes age may bring. Although changes like these aren’t harmful to your health, they can be daunting to your self-esteem. 

Botox provides a minimally invasive way to turn back the clock with no downtime. Its beautiful and long-lasting results are what make it the most popular minimally invasive cosmetic treatment in the United States.

Are you ready to see what Botox can do for you? Call 305-250-2056 to schedule your consultation, or book an appointment online.

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