How SculpSure® Body Contouring Can Help Stubborn Fat Disappear

Muffin top. Thunder thighs. Flabby arms. Does this sound all too familiar?

The average person puts on a pound a year from adulthood which adds up as you reach your middle years. While dieting and exercise are essential to a healthy lifestyle, sometimes it’s just not enough to get rid of stubborn fat. If you’ve experienced weight gain like this, know you can easily do something about it. 

At Dadeland Dermatology, located in Kendall, Florida, we provide body contouring so you can get the tight, firm skin you’ve been looking for. 

Melt away unwanted fat

Everyone carries fat in different parts of their bodies. Women tend to experience extra flab in their stomach, hips, thighs, and buttocks. Men usually gain weight around their stomach. 

SculpSure WarmSculpting can tone and tighten any area you’d like to improve. Common treatment areas include:

Using cutting-edge laser technology, WarmSculpting heats fat below your dermis with temperatures reaching from 107.6 to 116.6 degrees Fahrenheit. The built-in cooling system allows you to stay comfortable during the procedure and keeps the surrounding tissues unharmed. 

Over the next 6-12 weeks, your body’s lymphatic system works to flush out the cellular debris to give you a sleeker physique.

100% patient satisfaction

In a clinical study, patients gave WarmSculpting a 100% satisfaction rate. These impressive results may be attributed to the high amount of fat that’s permanently dissolved in a single session — up to 24%. Say goodbye to fat cells once and for all.

Another reason people love WarmSculpting is that it requires no downtime. While you might have some redness and sensitivity after your procedure, this can easily be hidden by clothing. Many of our patients go straight back to work or out to dinner with friends immediately after.

A step above CoolSculpting

You might have heard of CoolSculpting if you’ve been considering body contouring. While this is an option, there are many reasons you should consider WarmSculpting over CoolSculpting.

More comfortable

WarmSculpting is considered to be more comfortable than CoolSculpting. Most of our patients read, relax, and even sleep during their procedures. The sensation is described as being similar to a hot stone massage. CoolSculpting uses freezing temperatures.

Shorter treatment time

CoolSculpting treatments generally take twice as long as WarmSculpting treatments. This makes WarmSculpting a better option for those with busy schedules, as most procedures only take about 25 minutes per area. 

Quicker results

If you want the quickest results possible, WarmSculpting is the option for you. You’ll experience a noticeable amount of fat reduction in just one treatment, which may be all you need. Patients who undergo CoolSculpting generally need two to three treatments to get results.

Collagen stimulation

The heat technology used in WarmSculpting doesn’t just melt away fat. It also stimulates your body’s collagen so you have tighter-looking skin.

Are you ready to heighten your sex appeal? Call 305-250-2056 or book online to schedule your WarmSculpting consultation today.

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