Do You Know What's Triggering Your Psoriasis?

Psoriasis is a chronic skin condition that causes an overabundance of skin cells. Although it is usually not harmful to your health, the buildup of cells may cause unwanted white and red scaly patches on your skin. This may create itchiness and, in worse cases, pain. 

Over 7.4 million Americans were diagnosed with psoriasis in 2013. Although there is no cure, managing your psoriasis symptoms is vital to living a confident and comfortable life. Dadeland Dermatology in Kendall, Florida, helps patients with psoriasis identify potential triggers to help keep their flare-ups at bay.

More than dry skin

Although psoriasis may look like dry skin, it’s much more complicated. The inflammatory skin condition often creates flakey skin in places like:

Psoriasis affects all age groups and ethnicities. The chronic skin condition is often misunderstood, but experts believe it is caused by the immune system reacting to the overgrowth of skin cells. 

You cannot catch or pass psoriasis. The condition usually appears as the result of a trigger, which varies from person to person to person. 

Identifying your triggers

A psoriasis trigger is an external or internal situation that causes an outbreak. Identifying your triggers is essential to managing your symptoms. Triggers show up differently in everyone, but here are some of the most common.


Stress is at the top of the list for common psoriasis triggers. Many will agree that psoriasis outbreaks also cause stress, so it is important to learn coping mechanisms to keep your stress levels down. Yoga, meditation, walks, and deep breathing are all ways you can help manage stress while keeping a clear headspace.

Cold weather

Many people find that their psoriasis worsens during colder months because of lessened humidity and sunlight. This may increase your itchiness, so it is important to use thicker ointments and body creams rather than just lotions. Get a humidifier and take lukewarm baths during cold temperatures to offer your skin some comfort.


Since psoriasis is an inflammatory disease, eating foods that cause inflammation may worsen your symptoms. Stay away from processed foods, dairy, and fatty red meats. Instead, incorporate anti-inflammatory foods like fruits, veggies, salmon, and olive oil into your diet.


The connection between alcohol and psoriasis isn’t quite clear, but many find that their symptoms worsen when they drink. Studies have shown that men with high alcohol intake don’t respond to psoriasis treatment as effectively at those who don’t drink as much. If you must drink, drink in moderation — one drink per day for women and two for men.

Linked to depression

Psoriasis usually comes and goes. It is a very common disease that often flares up, then its symptoms subside before it goes into remission. 

Psoriasis can be frustrating, and many people who don’t find treatment may become depressed. In fact, people with psoriasis are twice as likely to deal with depression.

Don’t let your psoriasis lead you into a downward spiral. David Rodriguez, MD is here to help and can offer a variety of treatments to improve your symptoms. 

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