Tighten Lumpy, Sagging Skin on Your Legs in Time for Summer

Summer is the perfect time to bring out the dresses, shorts, and sandals. But after the long winter, you may find your summer clothes don’t quite fit the way they used to. Are your legs a bit more jiggly, or do they have more cellulite than you’d like?

Many people find that no matter how hard they diet or exercise, the stubborn fat in their legs just won’t go away. Changes like these usually don’t affect your health, but they can do a number on your confidence. 

SculpSureⓇ with WarmSculpting permanently gets rid of leg fat, leaving a more desired, toned look. Dadeland Dermatology in Kendall, Florida, treats patients so they can get the tight legs they had in their younger years.

What it’s like

WarmSculpting received 100% client satisfaction in a clinical study. Depending on the area of treatment, most WarmSculpting treatments take about 30 minutes.

When you come into our office, your technician will escort you to one of our private suites. They will answer any questions you have and describe the procedure.

The process uses a handheld laser device to emit energy deep into your fat cells. The treatment safely destroys your fat without harming your body. Most patients don’t describe the treatment as painful, but compare the feeling to a hot-stone massage.

Better than surgery

Surgery used to be the only option for those who wanted to tighten their legs. But local anesthesia was usually required, bringing many health risks. Incisions were involved, which left scars and meant long healing times.

If you’re like most people, you probably can’t afford to take off work for a procedure. WarmSculpting has no downtime, so you don’t have to miss work. It’s even considered a lunchtime procedure because many squeeze the appointment into the middle of their workday. That way, no one even has to know you had the procedure done.

How many treatments? 

Everyone’s body is unique and requires a different amount of WarmSculpting treatments. Most patients need 3-5 treatments spaced two months apart to get the results they seek.

After the first treatment, you’ll notice an improvement in the appearance of your skin, but the full results will gradually appear over the next 6-12 weeks. That means if you start treatment now, you’ll be bikini-ready by summer. 

Legs for days

Beautiful legs are a sign of youth and beauty. If you’re unhappy with your legs, you don’t have to feel like you have to wear pants all year round. Think of how liberating it would be to swim again with confidence or wear a summer dress with your favorite heels.

Invest in a more confident you with a treatment that works. Call 305-250-2056 or book an appointment online today to schedule your SculpSure with WarmSculpting session. 

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