Tighten Loose Skin With Surgery-Free TempSure Envi™

It’s a common dilemma: Your face is sagging but the idea of undergoing the knife is far too scary. Fortunately, there’s now another option. TempSure Envi from Cynosure®. This ground-breaking treatment is painless, non-invasive and doesn’t require the lengthy downtime of surgery. Instead, TempSure Envi’s gentle waves of RF energy heat up your skin tissues to therapeutic levels. This, in turn, stimulates the production of new elastin and collagen fibers deep below the surface of your skin.

Forget the knives

The TempSure system stimulates your skin to heal itself from the inside to reverse the unwanted effects of aging. As a result, your skin won’t just look younger skin, but it will act like it, too.

Dr. David Rodriguez, a board-certified dermatologist in Kendall, FL, has turned back the hands of time for countless patients using TempSure’s RF technology. The RF heats up and contracts the deepest collagen-laden layers of your skin without damaging the surface. That means you don’t have to endure weeks of a reddened face or disfiguring peeling.

TempSure triggers your skin to do its work

When your skin was younger, it was full of collagen and elastin. These are the proteins that provide your skin’s firmness, make it supple, and able to snap back into place. However, with age, your collagen and elastin stores get depleted. Simultaneously, the production of new collagen and elastin slows, which causes your skin to sag, wrinkle, and lose tone.  

Dr. Rodriguez directs the TempSure applicator to selectively target RF energy to the collagen layer of your skin. This initiates a wound-healing process that your body uses to build healthy new skin. Healthy new strands of collagen and elastin fill in the tiny, microscopic wounds created by the RF heat. As this process of collagen remodeling takes place over the next weeks to months, you’ll notice that your skin is smoother, firmer, and more uplifted.

TempSure Envi creates a more youthful appearance by:

An all-natural approach

Because Envi utilizes your own body’s natural healing abilities, the effects it creates are natural-looking and harmonious with your unique beauty and well-earned wisdom. Unlike surgery and fillers, which can distort the shape of your face, and neuromodulators, which may limit your facial expressions, Envi makes you look like yourself, only better.

You won’t look like you’re trying to be 20 again (and fooling no one). You’ll look healthy, radiant, youthful, and glowing.  

Easy to do, easy to maintain

TempSure treatments are easily tolerated and need almost no recovery time. Within a few days, you can return to your normal routine.

Depending on your skin quality, you may get enough of improvement with just one Envi treatment. However, most women need a series of treatments to attain their ideal rejuvenation. Dr. Rodriguez discusses your treatment plan and projected results during your consultation.

After your skin is glowing again, you can relax. You won’t need another Envi treatment for at least a year. You’ll notice your results improving over the next few months, as your skin remodels itself with new collagen and elastin.

Get started on younger skin today by contacting Dadeland Dermatology. Call the office directly, or request an appointment online.

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