The Miracle of Microneedling: Why Everyone is Talking About This All-Natural Treatment

Microneedling, also known as collagen induction therapy, helps rejuvenate the skin by using your body’s own healing mechanisms. 

The procedure involves creating micro-tears in the skin with very small needles. These small tears bring a flood of healing agents and collagen to renew and rebuild your skin. 

The treatment sounds painful, but you can request numbing cream to be used to prevent any possible discomfort and pain. Plus, the tears in the skin are too small to cause any serious injuries other than some minor bleeding and redness. 

Here’s what this noninvasive, natural procedure can do for your skin.

1. Improves the appearance of acne scars 

Compared to hyperpigmentation, which can be treated with topicals, acne scars are less willing to fade. It may take months or even years for them to disappear. 

Fortunately, microneedling can solve this problem by stimulating collagen and smoothing out the skin’s surface. 

When it comes to the effectiveness of the treatment, a study showed that 83.3% of the patients who used microneedling for acne scars saw an improvement in their skin.

2. Treats recurring melasma 

Melasma is a skin problem characterized by brown spots on the face, forearms, and neck. It’s usually triggered by sun exposure, but it can also be caused by hormonal changes as a result of pregnancy or contraceptive use. 

A common treatment for melasma prevention is sunscreen, but what can you do to fade existing spots? A study shows that microneedling is very effective at reducing recurring melasma in just 60 days.

3. Increases the absorption rates of creams and gels 

Microneedling is a great addition to any skin care routine because it helps creams get absorbed faster, thus boosting the effectiveness of the treatment. 

But it’s not just your face that can benefit from this treatment. A study suggests that microneedling improves the absorption of Minoxidil (an FDA-approved treatment for hair loss) on the scalp, making it more effective at regrowing hair. 

Why microneedling should be done by a professional 

Although microneedling is a noninvasive, safe procedure, it comes with a risk for infections and pain if you try to DIY it at home. 

David Rodriguez, MD, our lead dermatologist with over 35 years of clinical practice, uses substances that kill all of the bacteria on the needles, whereas the best you can do at home is sanitize the tools, not disinfect them. 

Secondly, the size of the needles matter. At home, you’ll most likely opt for smaller needles to avoid pain and bleeding. In an office setting, a dermatologist can also use longer needles for a more effective outcome, and they can make the whole procedure painless by using a numbing cream. 

Finally, aftercare is important because you’ll need to make some temporary changes in your skin care routine following a microneedling session. 

If you live near Kendall, Florida, and want to experience the benefits of a microneedling session done in a professional setting, contact us at Dadeland Dermatology Group to schedule an appointment. 

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