5 Steps to Prevent Bruising from Your Botox Treatment

BotoxⓇ injections are a very effective beauty treatment. You can reduce crow’s feet, soften frown lines between your brows, and minimize forehead furrows. It’s one of the best things you can do to refresh your appearance and to keep looking young and beautiful.

But sometimes Botox injections have some minor side effects, including bruising at the injection site. And they can have more serious side effects when performed by the wrong provider. But you’re in good hands with Dr. David Rodriguez, but he recommends these steps to help prevent bruising after your Botox treatment.

Stop taking blood thinners

Blood thinners increase the risk of bruising after Botox injections. Stop taking any medications or supplements that have blood-thinning properties, including the following:

Talk to Dr. Rodriguez about any medications or supplements that you’re currently taking. You will most likely need to stop taking them for a week before receiving the Botox injections. You should continue to avoid these medications and supplements for a couple days after the injections as well.

Avoid alcohol for 48 hours beforehand

Skip the glass of wine with dinner or after-work cocktail for two days before having Botox injections. Alcohol can make bruising more likely. 

Use ice after treatment

Ice is effective in reducing swelling and bruising after many skin treatments, including Botox injections. Ice will numb the area, relieving any lingering discomfort after the procedure. Another benefit of ice is that it helps the blood vessels to shrink, lessening redness and bruising. Use an ice pack or bag of frozen vegetables wrapped in a washcloth.

Use natural interventions

A couple of natural treatments work well for preventing bruising after Botox injections. Eating pineapple is one simple but effective natural treatment. Pineapple contains a natural compound called bromelain, as well as vitamin C, which helps to reduce inflammation and promotes healing.

Another natural treatment that can help with preventing bruising is arnica, a gel treatment. It may reduce bruising if you start using arnica after the Botox treatment.

Sleep on an extra pillow

Sleep on an extra pillow after Botox treatment to reduce swelling. Elevating your head can help with circulation and speed healing, which may help prevent bruising.

After your Botox treatment, you may want to take some other precautions to promote optimal healing. Avoid wearing makeup for the first 24 hours to prevent the risk of infection. You should also avoid any form of pressure on your face, such as massage, for two weeks.

Whether or not you develop bruising after Botox is still not completely within your control. Some people are more prone to bruising than others. Bruising is not an indicator of the skill or quality of the doctor performing the injection because the number of tiny blood vessels in the face do make temporary bruising a possibility. 

If you do experience any bruising, it will generally go away within 1-2 weeks. For best results, schedule Botox a month before big events such as a wedding.

To schedule your Botox injections, call our office in Kendall, Florida, or make an appointment online today. 

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